From: frank john <“www.”>

Reply-To: frank john <>


This message is only for the owner of this e.mail “WARNING TO
SCAMMERS”Hello dear,we are very sorry for the lost of your property
over long time ago in the hands of scammers.They hacked our network
and stole some of our valued information for fraud work but thank god
we got help from the INTERPOL and world anti-fraud group fighting them
every day,we are pleasing any scam victim with $750.000.00 u.s.d as a
compensation for their lost of money and disturbance of foul e.mail
spam from the scammers.

Please kindly let us have your full information back such as:
your name…………
your country………
your address……..
your phone number………..

This is to verify you are not one of those scammers and it will help
us to refile your document for you to start receiving your
compensation fund today.Although we have already made your first
payment available ($5..000.00).

Here is the reference number of your first payment,

Reference number: (69133972)
Senders name: (Frank joHN)
Amount: ($5.000.00)

You can verify the reference number in any money gram office near you
or by tracking it on our website with this link,

Just fill the reference number (69133972) and fill the last name of
senders name (Frank joHN) then click track to verify the available of the
first payment,THANKS!

Or call these phone number +29999591790
thank for That


5 thoughts on “MONEY GRAM OFFICE BENIN REPUBLIC – From: frank john

  1. My Reply:


    I am so glad you guys are doing this. I’ve lost a lot of money to scammers and this compensation will really help me out! You are a true charitable christian soul!

    Here is the information you requested:

    1) Name: Joseph Justice Smith
    2) Country: USA
    3) Address: 16464 Linden Park Ln, Aurora, IL 60504
    4) Phone Number: 1-555-867-5309

    I very much look forward to your reply, I am already a month behind on my rent because those gosh darn scammers got me for $500 last month! Can you believe that?!


    JJ Smith!


    • The Reply
      Subject: Re: MONEY GRAM OFFICE CODE 161

      Good day Dear how are you doing, your mail was well received in our office, i am Mr. Frank john the general MD Money Gram office Benin Republic, my dear you are to send sum of $105 USD for the activation of your first payment to be available for you to pick up today, respond ASAP

      here is the information where to send the fee via money gram

      Receivers name_____________Tony Eke

      Country___________________Benin Republic


      Text Question______________When


      Amount ________________$105 usd only

      Reference and senders name____________?

      Thanks I wait your urgent respond as soon as possible you receive this email, and once again please this is my transaction code whenever i called you I will drop the code or whenever I emailed you I will drop the code upon my subject OK please don’t give anyone the code is only between you and I OK, if you call me you drop the code or if am the one that called I will drop the code, the code is transaction code 161 here is my phone number +229 68003329

      Sender’s Name/ Address:_______________
      MTCN Number:_____________________


      MR. FRANK john



  2. My Second Message:


    I am so glad to hear that you got my message. I hate to be a critic when somebody is being so generous, but you might want to change your approach to getting people these funds since your method is slightly similar to the method used by those who’ve scammed me in the past. I trust that you are who you say you are, and I know you are being genuine, but other people may not be so trusting after all that they’ve been through. I don’t know if other people have the same fears that I do, but it might bring them peace of mind if you were to slightly modify your approach.

    Now that we’ve gotten the unpleasantness out of the way, I tried to get some of this done earlier today but ran into a bit of trouble. I stopped by the MoneyGram station in my local Wal-Mart, but the young lady working there was very rude. She kept telling me that there IS no Real Money Gram office in the Benin Republic and that you were obviously scamming me. I had a heated argument with her which escalated to he manager, who was slightly more understanding. She told me to have you send me your store number and employee identification number so she can verify authenticity, and once she had that she would gladly send the funds.

    I am so sorry to bother you with this, but the next closest Money Gram station is over 50 miles away and I don’t own a car. Can you please provide the requested information so we can move this forward at my local office?

    Thank you fo your patience and understanding,

    JJ Smith!


  3. I actually got 2 replies for this one!

    The first:

    Hello dear your mail was well received in out office here, i want you
    to go western union office in your location, when they ask you what
    are you sending the money for, tell them that you are sending it to
    your sister here in Benin republic, she want to use it to buy some
    things in her house ok i will send you my id card but don’t take it to
    the woman who ask you to bring it for security propose ok, some office
    use it ageist others and is in our law here.

    go to another office of western union and send it ok with this information

    Receivers name_____________Bignon Boris

    Country___________________Benin Republic


    Text Question______________When


    Amount ________________$105 usd only

    Reference and senders name____________?

    The second (with image):

    Hello dear here is my ID CARD you ask for but don’t show it to the
    woman who ask you for it ok please don’t do that you can go to any
    western union in your location over there and send it ok
    Mr. Frank John's ID


  4. My Third Message:


    Oh my goodness, Frank, I’ve had such a bad day. I went back to the MoneyGram station yesterday and tried the “sending money to my sister” story that you recommended and they basically laughed it off. I then tried to convince the manager that you are genuine, and the argument escalated to the point that I was basically FORCED to show her your ID. She laughed at me for a solid 10 minutes and said that you were a FRAUD! How could she make that assumption without ever having spoken with you?! Anyway, I kept insisting that I send the money and she kept telling me no until I left in frustration. I went right home and wrote a very scathing review of her station on the MoneyGram website and hopefully she will see some sort of punishment for her bad behavior and atrocious customer service.

    There was some trouble with the police after that, completely unrelated to this I assure you, that kept me away from my emails yesterday.

    I am going to catch a bus to the next closest MoneyGram station (as I stated earlier, I don’t currently have a car) and I will try again tomorrow to send the money.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding in this, my most harrowing hour.

    JJ Smith!


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