Hello, – From: Mrs. Bongi Mdukaza

From: Mrs. Bongi Mdukaza <trdsdnb@hi.net>

Reply-To: daniel.mmineleoffice@gmail.com


In accordance with our crucial meetings with the IMF and South African government headed by President Jacob Zuma concerning the current issue bordering the entire world in general over the activities of corruption in our present society and other government agencies.We agreed and mandated world Bank Group to provide funds with immediate effect; in settling victims that were mostly affected due to victim of fraud in our present day society, some families have gone down the drain as a result of victimized.as a compensation payment that elevate them from present Economic condition they find them self this is to ensure that this office  clear every debt owned to foreign contractors/inherited funds which has been approved to them for payment.Due to current global economic meltdown, the United Nations sub Security Council and South African government and other part of Asia country have reached an agreement and voluntre to assist united nation consider the affected beneficiaries/contractor

Note that some of this payment file are being handled by some corrupt government officers in the past,  we discovered that your file has been mishandled by these crooks from some of their originating bank mostly from part of African banks and companies and most of you beneficiaries are warned to desist from any contact with these crooks.Henceforth you should channel all correspondence concerning the release of your payment’ Directly to office of Deputy Governor,treasury department South Africa Reserve Bank (Mr. Daniel Mminele)  through his  email :daniel.mmineleoffice@gmail.com  or telephone : + 27780926981,  on receipt of this message for further directives?
Note that this payment directive is based on first come first serve. You should forward your correct banking details and full contract address  including your telephone and fax number to him directly via email. Your contacts has also been forward to Remittance department of South African Reserve Bank.Your Immediate response shall be highly imperative to assist you.
Best Regards,
Deputy Governor Remittance dept office.
Mrs.Bongi  Mdukaza
secretary to deputy governor

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