Very Urgent from Commonwealth Department Of Justice – From: “Mr. Muyidin Adesina”

From: “Mr. Muyidin Adesina”<>

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Very Urgent from Commonwealth Department Of Justice
26 Federal Plaza 23rd Floor.
Official Letter From Commonwealth.

Very Urgent

This is to notify to you that I resumed work to office 24hours back and i received update from United Nation Ambassador Mathew and he told me There will be an International Flight tomorrow by 4pm and Mr. Hilary Kalu will act as your diplomat and deliver the package to you which will take only 6 hours to get the package delivered. The actual fee was $590 usd but it was reduced to $290 usd this morning to ensure that you received your package tomorrow.

Note: The package you will receive contain ATM Card which contain $5.8Million usd and Master Credit Card which contain $260,000 with the required security document which was made in your name as the sole owner and it also include the security pin you will use to transact with both credit cards.

The fund is from the UN compensation/bailout funds for citizens of UN member countries and citizens of commonwealth Nations for poverty alleviation during this economic crunch and recession. The sum of $1BN (One Billion united state dollars) was shared amongst 215 companies and individuals. You were awarded the fund for investment to ease the
economic crunch and to be profitable and help others in need as a measure to ease the present economic hardship.

The sum of $290 usd is required to enable Mr.frank Billy from the origin of your fund get a diplomatic package seal with tag or else the International Airport customs will not allow him to board the flight with the package and this diplomatic package seal with tag will be made in your name as the owner of the package.

There is no much time left and the fee need to be paid today to enable him board tonight flight and it will take 6 hours to get the package delivered to you. Send the $290 usd charge fee and get your package delivered within 6 hours and this will be the only fee required from
you toward this transaction.


RECEIVE NAME……….Christopher Rowser
Address……………… Tuscaloosa, Alabama usa

I am online waiting for your reply with the $290 payment so that you will get your fund successful by tomorrow from the diplomat Mr. frank

Dr. Muyidin Adesina
Deputy Secretary-General.

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP)
the office or official charged with the prosecution of criminal
offenses in several criminal jurisdictions around the world.