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Hello Smith,

The information you require to send the payment of $650 by Money Gram is detail below;

Receiver’s Name:  Nelson Mandi
City: Atlanta,
State: Georgia
Zip code: 30302

After payment is sent, you are also require to forward to me the payment reference number given by Money Gram for pick up.

As soon as the payment is received, the consignment shipment will be paid and cleared. Consignment will immediately be dispatch for delivery to your contact address. You will receive the details of shipment as soon as possible.

Trunk Boxes dimensions: 61″ x 73″ x 156″ (W x L x H)
Gross Weight Each: 65 lbs.

Fred Williams



Did you receive my message with details for the money gram transfer payment? If payment already sent by money gram, forward the mtcn payment control number for the fund pick up in order to do the needful with the fund.

Fred Williams

CALL OR TEXT (706) 819-4267* – From: Mr Stephen Porter

From: Mr Stephen Porter <“WWW.”>

Reply-To:  Mr Stephen Porter <>

This is to thank you for your past effort and kindly assistance. The money has been transferred into an account provided by a newly found business partner of mine from Sweden. I wish to compensate you for your past assistance, effort and commitments that time to help me out. I have arranged with City Bank and issued an ATM CARD valid at US$4.8 MILLION UNITED STATE DOLLARS for your compensation. I am in Atlanta Georgia international airport right now to establish some business and possibly buy some properties.

So I want you to Contact Mr Stephen Porter then send him your information as follows below to enable him send you the ATM MASTER CARD.

Full Name…………………
Current Address……………..
Occupation ………………….
Country ……………………
Phone number……………
A copy of
your ID CARD ……………..

So contact him now on this email address below and send him the above information mentioned to enable him send the ATM MASTER CARD to you immediately. if possible you can call him on his phone number also there in for urgent service.

Name; Mr Stephen Porter
Phone Number*: (706) 819-4267

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